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Review of buried beneath the Boabab tree.

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Let me start by commending Adaobi Tricia for telling this story. I’m also rating this book an 8 out of 10.

Many people have forgotten the story of the Chibok girls, or they don’t even realize that the Chibok girls had a life before they got kidnapped by Biko Haram and this is what this novel seeks to remind us.

From Ya Ta’s point of view, this story is retold. Ya Ya had dreams to win a scholarship to Borno state in order to further her education. But, her small community was invaded by Biko Haram, people were massacred, some were taken to Sambisa forest while the young boys were trained to partake in the “holy war”.

The Boabab tree which was a representative of life when she was in a village became a dumping ground for dead bodies in the Sambisa forest.

Giving you spoilers is not part of my plan. So, I’ll conclude by giving you some lessons I learnt from the book.

1 Sometimes, your friends will leave you and tow a different path. So, make peace with that.

2 You need to have dreams and look beyond your current circumstances.

3 Have faith that things will always work out.

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