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So what?

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For many people, failing to do a particular thing at the timeframe they have selected or just failing at a particular thing, indicates failure to them.

It shouldn’t be so. At one point or another in our life we didn’t do what we wanted to do either because of time-constraint, lack of motivation, or we failed at something because we didn’t put in the required effort necessary for us to succeed.

You failed to meet up your target or goal since the year began. So what?

You didn’t succeed at that endeavor you embarked on, must you keep beating yourself up about it?

Your relationship failed after giving it your best shot. So what?

Everyone sees you as a failure. Is that the way God sees you?

You may say that you don’t have it in you to try again. Well, it is about time you tried again because you have a lot of potentials embedded in you that the world is waiting to see.

You might not have gotten to the point you mapped out in your head, or maybe you failed woefully. The only thing that actually matters is that, you tried. And, not a lot of people can actually pat themselves in the back, and say “At least I tried”

The thing is, as long as you are alive, there is hope for you.

You breathing, means that you can still start over from the scratch.

You failed once doesn’t mean you are a failure; your failures should be motivators for you to succeed.

Putting yourself under undue pressure is not necessary and feeling sorry for yourself, and ashamed won’t change anything.

Someone else’s timeline is not yours, everything will work out perfectly in the end.

Face your front and keep moving.

I am cheering you on.

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