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Stop being a murderer

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You are a murderer. You are probably cringing, and I guess you don’t like hearing that accusation from me right now. but it is the truth. How many times have you accused people wrongly, the same way I have probably just accused you?

Do you know that each time you don’t listen to both sides before forming an opinion about that person, spread negative words about someone, backbite about them, gossip, spread only the bad those people have done, you kill them?

It might not be killing in the literal sense of the word, but you kill their reputation. and when you kill or tarnish their reputation, what do you think is left of them? How do you think they feel each time they walk past and all they hear is hush whispers and hands pointing accusingly at them?

Yes, you might think you can’t help gossiping about someone, but it says a lot about your level of discipline, and the people you sit to gossip with soon starts gossiping about you immediately you leave, and they can’t share anything with you in confidence 

Your attitude of constantly putting down that other person is also a reflection of your low self-esteem. The person obviously have what you don’t have, and you are insecure about it, so putting them down makes you feel a tad bit better about yourself .

This is a topic that we need to think carefully about. We all seem to engage in it, even when we really don’t want to.

I guess it is high time we make a conscious effort to stop gossiping about people, highlight their good qualities. praise them, and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. Also, remember that gossiping adds nothing to your life.

Do you agree with me that gossiping is a habit that we should all stop?

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