Stop comparing yourself

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I guess that one of the things that has held people down from achieving great things, or making impact is that they continually compare themselves to people that are well ahead of them in the same journey.

You cannot be taking your first step, and compare yourself with someone who is taking his or her hundredth step. It just doesn’t work. It only makes you feel worse.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t admire other people, you shouldn’t know where you lack and how to improve. But, comparing yourself to others only with the mindset that they are better than you, or you can never reach that level is not healthy for you mentally and emotionally.

Continually having the mentality that what you are doing isn’t worth it, that you will be laughed at, other people have done greater than you, you will be made a mockery of will only keep you stuck at that point you are in, without making any real progress in your life.

The truth is, until you stop comparing yourself you will never feel enough, or that your efforts are enough.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone.

Conqueror, see what you are doing as awesome. See, yourself as an awesome person who is putting in his or her best effort.

Have fun while creating the life you want, because not everyone can be like you or do what you do. Make peace with the fact that your own path is different, and sometimes it might take longer for you to reach your destination.

Have you noticed how you are so happy most times for doing something, and when you see another person doing just that, you feel as though what you have done holds no candle? That is comparison talking to you, which only succeeds at keeping you stuck at a point.

Today, make up your mind to appreciate yourself for every leap you take. Go easy with yourself, and love yourself. Don’t do yourself the injustice of constantly comparing.

I am cheering you on conqueror.

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Ukeme-obong Chris

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