Stop making excuses

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Most times, we wonder why we come up with excuses when things get tough. We provide endless excuses that often sound baseless in some people’s ears, while it makes total sense to you, who came up with the excuse.

Let’s say you want to start running, you might come up with “oh I am too young/old for that”. You might also come up with a lame excuse like, “people in my family don’t do that, so I can not do it.”

Who says you can’t be the first person to do it?

What gives you the assurance that these excuses are true?

We hang on to these excuses, and we don’t even realize that it is a bad weight that is holding us down. A weight that is stopping us from reaching for those things that will bring us fulfillment. 

Yes, what you want might scare you conquerors, but if it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t worth it in the first place. I don’t think that there is any successful person who doesn’t have excuses they could cling to, but the difference is that, they did what they had to do, in spite of their fears and excuses.

Look at people that made history  those that went on to achieve great feats. They had excuses which were actually valid, and no one would have blamed them if they held on to it. But, they chose to let go of their needless excuses, and do what they actually wanted. They went on to make history.

Conquerors, decide to let go of all those fears, you have been holding on to for so long. Let them go, and do what you dream of, in spite of the fear. And, your future self, will thank the current you for doing taking this decision.
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