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The truth about validation

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I’ve seen people shrink themselves because they didn’t get the validation they wanted, from the people they trusted, or thought will give it to them.

A person might do something, and their family is unimpressed or says it isn’t worth it, for content creators on social media platforms, their content might not get the engagements and shares they thought it will get, their friends or loved ones might not give them the love or attention they crave.

Conquerors, don’t let your life be dependent on the validation you receive from people. Don’t put a pause on your life or journey because people don’t give you the pat on the back you want.

For content creators, don’t let your content be dependent on who engaes with it or not, though I’m not saying that you should create bad stuffs, and expect people to appreciate them; no onewants what isn’t good.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that you should put in your best effort in everything you do. Create that content. publish that book. work harder in your career, put in the effort that is required in your friendship or relationship.

Your validation should not come from anyone. But, make sure you keep on doing your best, and all will turn out well in the end. You will get the attention and relevance you want on the end.

Will you stop seeking validation?

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