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Top 8 South Korean series recommendation

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1. The Business Proposal

The first South Korean series I’m recommending is The business proposal. With just 12 episodes, the series did a good job of entertaining us. 

This is a romantic comedy I’m recommending for people who want to see something light and easy. It was recently completed.

Shin Hari goes on a blind date in place of her friend Jin Young-Seo only to see the president of her company, Kang Tae-mu as the date. 

Tae-mu decides to marry Hari without knowing she is his employee. Hari tries to hide her identity but is exposed.

Hari pretends to be Tae-mu’s girlfriend because she was compelled by him since he had no intention to continually go on blind dates.

The duo genuinely likes each other later, but Tae-mu’s grandfather is against the relationship because of how it started.

2. Twenty five Twenty one

Na Heedo is a fencer at a girls’ school, but the fencing team gets disbanded due to the IMF crisis.

Being resilient, she transfers to Taeyang High School to continue her fencing career and also meet the fencer gold medalist Ko yurim who she loves and idolizes

Baek Yi-Jin’s family went bankrupt and had to separate due to the IMF crisis also. He takes up several part-time jobs and later becomes a news reporter.

At twenty-one and twenty-five years respectively, both Na Heedo and Baek Yi-Jin decide to love each other romantically.

This is a romantic coming of age series while also covering themes of friendship, dreams, determination, and love, among others.

It is a beautiful South Korean series and I loved most of the locations used in the series.

3. Signal

Park Hae-young who is a criminal profiler picks up a walkie-talkie which helps him solve a kidnapping case that was nearly closed due to the statute of limitation.

The cold case squad is opened due to the success of this case and is led by Detective Cha Soo-hyun who for the past fifteen years has been looking for her lost mentor Detective Lee Jae-han and the owner of the walkie talkie who could send signals from the past.

With this signal, cold cases are solved which leads to some unintended consequences.

This series is a thriller, crime, fantasy, and drama.

4. Dali and the cocky prince

This is one of my most interesting and funny romantic comedies and it is a south series. I am recommending it to you. If you want to laugh, feel different emotions and feel love, then you have to see this movie.

Jin Moo-hak is a restaurateur who doesn’t joke with his money, in an issue of mistaken identity he meets an art researcher Kim Dali who loves art, particularly painting in the Netherlands.

When Dali’s father dies, she returns to Korea to take over the management of her late father’s gallery. Here, it is discovered that her father owed debtors, including Jin Moo-hak who wants to treat her as a debtor, thereby trying to erase the connection they shared in the Netherlands.

Gradually, Jin Moo-hak comes through for her, and both realize that they love each other. This series covers themes of love, betrayal, and hurt.

5. Second to last love

This is one Korean series I loved, though it is a little old. I particularly loved how deep most of their advice was on this series.

A successful television producer, Kang Min Joo portrayed by Kim Hee-ae previously had no interest in romance while being solely focused on her career.

She wonders and yearns for more in her life when something goes wrong in her life and when she enters her 40s

Ko Sang-Sik is a public worker, also single, and in his 40s. The two people started their relationship on a bad foot, but something beautiful blossoms between them.

It is a great series that proves that love can be found at any age and any point in your life. It is also enemies to lovers-themed series.

6. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Secretary Kim Mi-so worked for her narcissistic boss and vice-chairman Lee Young-joon for nine years. When she tells him she will be resigning he is scared and wonders what went wrong.

After talking to the President of the company who is his best friend, Young-Joon decides to do all he can to keep Secretary Kim by his side.

Kim Mi-so looks for a boy in her past who had helped her during her kidnap and discovers in the end that it was Young-Joon.

Both help each other get over their traumatic past while also falling in love with each other and getting married. I loved this series, particularly because it is a romantic comedy.

7. Mr. Queen

A chef who works in the Blue House in the modern world finds himself in Queen Cheorin’s body in the Joseon period.

The queen is married to King Cheoljong though his powers reside in Queen Sunwon who makes the king only be King in the name. 

While the chef remains in Queen Cheorin’s body, she finds out that her husband is more than who he portrays himself to be.

The series is a historical romantic comedy and is highly recommended.

8. 100 days my prince

The last South Korean series I’m recommending is hundred days my prince. The series is a historical romantic comedy. 

Lee Yul develops a crush on Yi-Seo when they were little. Yul’s ambitious father plans a coup with Kim Chaeon to take the throne.

On the day of the coronation, Yul finds out about his mother’s accidental death which leaves him growing up to hate his father and becoming a cold-hearted crowned prince.

Yul refuses to consummate his marriage with Kim Chaeon’s daughter, and the people that are the cause of the drought.

While on his way to the rain ritual, he was ambushed to be killed but his best friend and guard switched places with him, aiding him to escape only to be shot with an arrow which makes him lose his memory.

Yi-Seo’s adopted father saves him and makes him marry her unaware of their identity. Yul lives with her as a pleasant, ultimately, they discover their true identity ainthe end.

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