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Top Nigerian Series You Should See

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Besides working and reading books, my next best thing is watching good series or movies.

So, I got requests from my Nigerian readers to recommend Nigerian series which I wasn’t so interested in because I’m a Korean series kinda girl.

But lately, I decided to start seeing Nigerian series and I liked most of them. Here are some that I’ve seen and I would love you to watch them and give your opinion.

1 Castle and Castle

This is the first Nigerian series I will be recommending to anyone because it has everything that makes a good series.

it is interesting and full of twist, the drama, love, and betrayal is spot on. Most of all, it is a law series so it had me at that.

Mr. and Mrs. Castle runs a successful law firm but, they have varying opinions on the type of cases they should take on.

Mrs. Remi Castle played by the beautiful Dakore Egbuson-Akande is more concerned with making the company thrive and taking care of her staff against her husband’s advice and decides to take Remco as a client.

Mr. Castle played by RMD is more interested in pro-Bono cases and is now a conflict of interest when he decides to stand against his wife in court on the same case.

In season 2, the couple is separated and the series gets more complicated when Captain, their family driver murders the CEO of Remco because the family’s secret is about to get out.

Honestly, I can’t wait for Season 3 of this beautiful series because they left season 2 at a cliffhanger.

This series explored many real-life cases and showed what having a family even in a workplace feels like.

2 The Men’s Club

It is popularly known as TMC and the series gave everything when it came to exploring relationships, betrayals, and friendships.

Four main male characters were the focus of this series with the complicated relationships they had with their partners.

It depicted a lot of things that I learned while watching the series and I’m eager for another season.

3 Fifty the series

This series ended on a cliffhanger and since 2018 there have been no talks of a season 3 and honestly, I don’t like the wait any longer.

Fifty revolved around the lives of four women who are friends, fifty years or almost fifty, successful in their careers but each having things to deal with.

Elizabeth played by Ireti Doyle is a renowned doctor, married to a younger man who absconds with over two billion dollars that were donated by a charity to build a hospital.

Tola Ogunsoya played by Dakore Egbuson-Akande is a celebrity, rich, and lives a successful life. But, she is lonely and puts up a facade to the outside world.

A victim of rape by her father, she gives birth to Jamal who thinks she is her sister till he found out. Now, he wants answers Tola doesn’t want to give.

Maria played by Omoni Oboli is a successful board member of a construction company, she steals Tola’s husband’s, and months later loses her pregnancy. She wants to have a family but is scared.

Kate played by Keira Hewatch is a PR executive, with a loving but gambling-addict husband. She also has cancer.

She believes God will heal her and doesn’t have the patience to deal with her husband’s and daughter’s lack of relationship with God.

4 Blood Sisters

Since its release, it has been the most talked-about series because of the drama and superb acting by the actors.

Two best friends, Sarah and Kemi, murder a man because of how abusive he was.

In a bid to cover up the crime, they kill a reporter who had shots of them. Unfortunately, the body is discovered.

Now, they become fugitives running away from the law and the matriarch of the family.

5 The Real Housewives of Lagos

This reality series showed class and celebrities like Carolyna Hutchings, Laura Ikeji, Chioma Ikokwu, Toyin Lawani-Adebayo, Iyabo Ojo, and Mariam Timmer.

The style, fashion, luxury, gossip, and bickering in this series were on another level though it was fun to watch.

6 Young, Rich, Famous, and African

This is an African reality series that included some Nigerian celebrities.

The series was a good watch though the drama between the characters seemed so pointless to me and how they were focused on Annie and Zuri.

7 Smart money woman

I first read this book in either 2018 or 2019 but I know that it changed my mindset on finances and made me want to live a comfortable, successful, and rich lifestyle.

When I heard the book was adapted into a series, I was eager to watch, and boy I wasn’t disappointed.

I love how great the series is while also teaching us a lot about finances and the actors are dope.

It revolves around five glamorous women who are striving for success while juggling careers, love, and friendships.

8 King of Boys

This is another favorite series. Read the series summary here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful….seen almost all of it

  2. The Obongawan

    Seen just two. Smart money woman and king of Boys. The director of SMW did a brilliant job at depicting the book. The actors truly fit the characters in the book.

    1. Ukeme-obong Chris

      Yes, I saw they are currently filming the second season and I can’t wait☺️

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