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What I learned from balancing life

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“You can balance your life in these simple steps” scratch that, there is no such thing as truly balancing life. I know conquerors, that is not what you expected to hear.

Lately, I have been exhausted most nights that I just wang to climb my bed and sleep. I sometimes even regret setting the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, which has made me ask questions like

” how can I balance my life?” “Is there a thing called balance?” “What does balancing entail?”

The funny thing is that many creatives and people ask me how they can balance their academics, career, brand, relationship, etc. I’m always upfront to say that I am just winging it, though I have some systems I implement.

What is balance?

Balance has to do with a state of equilibrium, that is, a state where everything harmonizes.

Consideringg how busy our lives are, and how things often spin out of our control, can we really balance our life? Well, I will be sharing with you steps in which I try to get some semblance of balance in my life.

What works for me may not work for you. So, keep on experimenting till you find your semblance of balance.

I have accepted that I cannot do everything

There are still sometimes I wish I could do everything like running errands, creating contents, responding to clients, reading and taking care of many things in one day. The result is that I always feel burnt out in the end.

Lately, I have acknowledged and accepted the fact that I am only a human being, and I cannot do everything at once. I now know when to take breaks, ask for help and plan better.

Also, I have learned to depend on God to lead me daily, and help me in my activities daily, it works. Trust me, my approach may not be perfect, but I now have a semblance of balance.

I schedule time for myself

Yes, I need to help my family and friends, while taking care of my goals and all. But, if I don’t put myself as a priority and take care of myself, who will?

Most of us has gotten so used to always giving while neglecting ourselves and our body. So, create time daily to relax and let the tension wash away. No one is going to do it for you. You are the only one who can do it for yourself.

This scheduled time can be for exercising, binge-watching those movies, reading novels, chatting with people, etc. Do things that make you feel alive.

I have learned to say no

We have gotten so used to saying yes to every errand, duty, favour, etc to the extent that we feel angry, used, or taken advantage of. Honestly, the world will not freeze if you say No sometimes.

Know your limits conquerors. learn to say no politely. Don’t keep accepting additional errands, or duties when you don’t want to.

Previously, I used to feel really bad whenn j want to turn down someone especially whenn I schedule was already booked. Now, I tell you politely with my reasons, and I feel more in charge of my life.

I live with my goals in mind

Daily, I remember what all this stress is for my goals are always at the back of my mind. So, most of my activities are tailored towards achieving my goals.

For you, reviewing your goals daily may help, or once a week, anyway that works for you. let at least one action take you closer to your dreams.

I manage myself

Time management may seem possible for some people, while for others it isn’t. I know daily I have 24 hours to make it count.

I try to schedule what I want to do daily, sometimes I stick to it, at other times I don’t because of things that were out of my control.

But, daily I try to know what I want to spend the day achieving. it works for me.

What are your thoughts conquerors? Will you implement them?

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