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What you should know about your thoughts

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You might have heard the popular bible passage that says, “As a man thinks, so is he” which literally means that you are a product of your thoughts. It also means that, you can only move as far as your limiting beliefs allow you to. You can’t get what you think that you can’t have.

Your thoughts either limit you, or allow you to stretch and achieve what others might term impossible. It becomes possible for you, because you believe that it can be possible.

You are capable of becoming more than your current situation, or what you give yourself the permission to dream. This tells us that what you think that you are capable of doing, and becoming has the capacity to become a reality by virtue of your thoughts.

Today, decide to check your thoughts. What are you thinking about? Do you only imagine how you will fail or how others have greater ideas than yours? Be intentional about allowing only positive thoughts in your mind.

Also, intentionally replace every negative thought that might try to come in, with positive word. Shake off the negative words, and become more.

So, do you decide to be mindful of your thoughts daily? Let me know in the comments section.

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