Why People Enter Into a Relationship

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Conquerors, if you are on my Instagram community, you will see a question I asked two days ago on this topic, and I got a lot of responses that show that people enter into a relationship or date for different reasons.

Why should I date? Most people have asked themselves this question especially when the society they find themselves in is pressurizing them to enter into a relationship to find a life partner.

In a previous blog post, I shared with you questions you should ask before entering into a relationship. But, today I will be talking about something different.

Reasons People Date

1 To get a life partner

This is the first answer that people give when asked why they are dating or should date. The dating period is a period where intending couples get to know each other better.

It is during this period that they check how compatible they are if their future goals align if they can spend forever with each other.

2 Escaping loneliness

Many people choose to date to avoid being lonely. They are just happy to have someone to call theirs which is bad because they are trying to find their happiness from someone else instead of looking inwards.

Also, their relationship mostly doesn’t last because they are not content with themselves, and the relationship they enter into fixes their loneliness temporarily. 

Your partner should be more than just a companion to you. You should learn to love yourself and be content before entering into a relationship.

3 To have fun

People that fall under this category date people just to have fun, and it is always advisable that your partner is on the same page with you, that Is, they should not be seeking something serious or long term when you only see them as someone to have fun with you.

The dating phase can be full of fun when it comes to learning new things about your partner, exploring things, seeing life from a different point of view, etc. At a point, it wears off, and you will have to make the decision and have the discipline to love your partner each day.

I know that the people in this category may just want to give dating a go without necessarily committing but for how long will that last?

4 Making new friends

Every individual needs people to Call theirs, especially friends, and people have their circle of friends. So, dating someone introduces you to a new circle of friends. You get to have connections that could be platonic with other people.

This makes most people date. There are even instances where someone decides to date a person because of the connection.

5 For partnership

I am of the school of thought that believes that no one can complete you. But, we all need a partner, that Is, someone you can be vulnerable and open with, someone to call yours, someone you can run to and be sure they will catch you. Most people fall into this category.

Here, you see your boyfriend as a partner. They are on the same page as you. You both are equals. You know why you are dating, and the purpose of it, and it is one that most people choose.

These are some of the reasons why people enter into a relationship, how about you?

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