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Why You Should Practice Self-love

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Self-love has been advocated for by many people. But, oftentimes, we don’t even know what self-love means, and the reason we should practice self-love.

So, this post will talk about self-love and what it entails. So, read on Conquerors.

What is self-love?

Self-love has to do with appreciating yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. This is visible when you partake or carry out actions that make you grow psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

It involves you putting yourself first, you know when to sacrifice and please others while also knowing where to draw the line. Additionally, you ensure that you are continually in a joyful state, this is achieved by thinking about your wellbeing, and making sure that you don’t just settle for what is available, but what you want.

Self-love is subjective, this means that people view what means self-love to them differently. It is up to you to figure it out.

Personally, self-love means taking a break when needed, paying attention to my health, not judging myself, staying true to my goals and myself, ensuring that my boundaries are not intentionally tampered with, appreciating myself, etc. So, make a list or mental note of what self-love means to you.

Why you should Practice Self Love

It changes your perspective 

Self-love helps us to view things from a different perspective that Is more enriching.

How does this work you may be wondering, well, most times, we beat ourselves up when we make mistakes, forgetting that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes, especially because we are human?

We feel weird or not normal when we complain about having a bad day, week, or generally not being in a good mood. Loving ourselves makes us realize that it Is okay to feel all these things and that it is okay to work on them.

It helps you make healthy choices

When you love yourself, it is easier to pick up activities that will nurture you and make you grow positively.

For example, you will choose to exercise instead of just existing, you will look for ways to improve your knowledge and skills so that you will be knowledgeable, you will not allow people to talk down on you, you will build your self-esteem, choose good relationships, etc.

It brings about a positive mindset

People who love themselves rarely fall victim to depression because most things that will trigger this will be wiped out.

A person who has a healthy level of self-esteem does not allow what people say to easily get to them. They try to protect their mental wellbeing by reading books that will strengthen their mindset, listening to podcasts, or watching videos that will help them develop a positive mindset.

It is important as an individual that you work on loving yourself because, at the end of the day, you only have yourself. Will you start practicing these conquerors, let me know in the comments section.

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